Help Us Identify These Plants

Since the beginning of the Native Suburbia project we have learned to identify many plants, both native and alien. Despite using many books and websites, the following plants still elude identification by us. If you know what any of these are called or can even offer a hint, we would be grateful if you would contact us and pass along the information.

Since the names of the plants are unknown, a consistent naming convention is used for the pictures. This allows you, our helpful visitors, to specify them when you know the name. A suffix letter is used to indicate different pictures of the same specimen. For example, two pictures of unknown forb number 2 would be named:

forb_02a, forb_02b
There are three views of each picture: thumbnail, scaled, and high resolution. Each higher level of quality can be viewed by clicking on the current picture. The hi-res pictures show the most detail, but they are around 2MB each and may take a while to display.


  • Forbs:small, upright soft-stemmed or non-woody plants with broadleaves
  • Grasses & Sedges:family of plants with long, narrow leaves, jointed stems, flowers in spikelets and seed-like fruit.  Sedges are grass-like plants with a triangular stem.
  • Trees & Shrubs:perennial, woody plants